Sonsoles Print Studio

2nd May, 2023

Out of Office Private Team Workshops - Come and get inky with us!

Looking for a fun and creative way to hang out with your colleagues? 

Book your private group session with one of our experts at Sonsoles Print Studio, where we’ll take you through the process of screen printing using analogue techniques, no computers and no experience required!  We’re located right next to bustling Bellenden Road and Peckham Rye, full of restaurants and bars to continue your party.

We've had a blast hosting so many teams over the years, from the likes of Puma, Penguin, Liberty and Vintage books to name a few..

There are 3 workshop on offer, however feel free to enquire about bespoke workshops- we like to get creative! 

These workshops are for paper, but if you'd like to upgrade to T-shirt or Totebag printing, let us know. 

FULL DAY WORKSHOP : 10am – 4pm 

6-7 people

A4, 2 colour screen print edition per person.

Prices start from £95 per person + VAT


15-20 people

A4, 1 colour per print, choice of 6 colours, up to 6 images

Prices start £50 per person + VAT



15 – 20 people

A4, 1 colours per print, 3 colours, up to 6 images

Price start from £40 per person + VAT

To book, email us at

29th April, 2022

Come celebrate with us! More info below:

Guest speaker Supermundane on Friday the 13th.


On Saturday Julia Vogl will be moderating a panel with the wonderful Gail Bryson artist and designer, Agata Rawecka-Deelen, fine artist, Teresita Jiménez fine artist, Soni Marquez founder of Sonsoles Print Studio 


And on Sunday we have our raffle draw! All proceeds from tickets go to the Ukraine Appeal part of the Wonder Foundation. Some COOL PRIZES to be won! 

If you want to attend one of the talks, please sign up using the links above

5th November, 2018

Monoprint course with Jonathan Lawes

Jonathan Lawes is a designer based in London, he will be teaching how to screenprint using handcut paper stencils at our very own studio! limited spaces only. BOOK via website

24th April, 2018

Summer School 2018

2nd November, 2017

Screen Print Gift Vouchers available!

Gift vouchers make great presents, just pick what you wish to buy, from screenprinting courses to membership, or sessions... and send as an e-mail so we can post it to you in time :) They are valid for 6 months

2nd June, 2016

Meet the Sonsoles' team: Ann-Marie

In the first of a mini series of blogs introducing the Sonsoles Print Studio team, meet the wonderful Ann-Marie.

Describe your role at Sonsoles and other projects you’re working on:

I’m in at Sonsoles on Monday evenings, Fridays and Saturdays. I teach the introduction and basic/intermediate courses and am an open access technician the rest of the time. I pop my favourite apron on and help members print, fill lots of inkpots and clean lots of screens!

Away from the studio, I work in a photographers’ agency three days a week. Around all of this I try to make my own work, get my head around my Spanish learning (¡Dios mío!), cycle a lot and do my best to keep my house plants alive.

What got you into screenprinting?

My eyes were opened to the print world when I headed to Stafford College for my foundation course. We had incredible tutors there, and I remember feeling so at home in the print room. It all kicked off from there really, I loved the idea of building up to the final print and watching the progress from first pull to final layer.

What was your first work like?

I was doing a project about history and personal memories, so there were lots of screenprints of old family photographs and important historical events printed on little squares. I still have them and it’s very obvious that I was awful at registering!

Describe screenprinting in three words: 

Incredibly (and) unexpectedly versatile.

What’s your number one screenprinting hack?

Can I have five?

Go on then.

1) Preparation is KEY (boring but so true…)

2) Mix more ink that you would expect to use. Always best to have excess to go back in the pot than run out of a specific colour half way through!

3) Most issues can be solved if you have parcel tape, newsprint and a hairdryer by your side

4) Don’t wear new clothes…

5) If textile ink is going a little bit clumpy, adding a little bit of table salt should get it running smoothly again. (Soni let me in on this little secret a couple of weeks ago!)

Who’s work are you loving at the moment?

In terms of screenprinting, I absolutely love the work of Ronny Hunger (Comet Substance) and Atelier Bingo. Their compositions and colours are always bang on.

I am an avid follower of Malin Gabrielle Nordin, who makes gorgeous collages with interesting shapes and textures.

Finally, I have the greatest respect for Vija Celmins, Agnes Martin and Christiane Baumgartner. There is a meticulousness and subtlety at the heart of all of their practices that really speaks to me, the idea of being able to make an impact without being brash.

And when you're not in the studio? 

I’m berating myself for getting yet another new item of clothing covered in ink. I never learn!

Have a look at Ann-Marie’s work on her website

12th May, 2016


27th April, 2016

Learn to monoprint with An Gee Chan

An Gee Chan, The Dance 2012

We’re excited to announce booking is now open for our monoprint workshop with the wonderful An Gee Chan this June!

Monoprinting involves applying ink to your screen to create only one impression rather than multiple copies of the same image. Want to know more? Come along!

Join us at the studio on Saturday 11 June at either the morning (10am-1pm) or afternoon (2pm-5pm) session and An Gee will guide you in creating up to four unique prints. Bring along some images for inspiration, all other materials and equipment will be provided.  

The workshop is suitable for more experienced print makers and costs £25 for members, £40 for non members. Snap up your place quickly as there are only ten spots available! Book now

See more of An Gee’s work on her website.