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Learn how to screen print at Sonsoles Print Studio, we run 2 types of courses: 1 day Beginner's Workshop and a 4 week Basic/Intermediate Course in the evenings, if you are unsure which course is for you don't hesitate in contacting us!  Please see below for more info ☟   For Masterclasses see bottom of page.


You will learn the basic techniques for screenprinting; from preparing a screen all the way through to the finished print. You will be taught how to prepare your very own handmade stencils which you will then expose onto a screen.  You will screen print using waterbase inks onto paper, completing a small limited edition of 2 colours. After this course you can become an Open Access member or if you rather carry on brushing up your skills and learning new techniques you can join our evening classes.

It's £95 for the Introduction course (all materials included).
In small groups. 10am - 4pm.

Best bit about this course? No computers involved! hurray!


The Basic/Intermediate classes are divided into 4 lessons. You don't need any previous experience here as these are guided courses that focus on your own work, structured around your own level of skills. The courses are held in small groups.

First class - We will begin by introducing all the different screen printing techniques available, from cut out stencils to photographic, showing you examples of artists work for inspiration along the way. You will design and prepare a 3 to 4 colour stencil from scratch and understand how layers work. You will learn how to prepare and coat a screen and you will also decide what colours to use and then mix them in preparation.

Second Class - You will expose your artwork and begin printing, focusing on accurate registration using acetate and learn how to make an edition.

Third Class - You will finish the final layers of your colour print, and on the...

Fourth Class -  You will prepare and print a new photographic image of your choice!

 It's £190 for this course (all materials included).

Please book in advance if you are interested in this course via our online booking system. 

✎ After this, we will send you more info so you know what to expect on the day and come prepared! 

Next INTRODUCTION screen print COURSES are on Saturday

Check booking site for availability


Saturday 20th (full)

Saturday 3rd (full)
Saturday 17th

March: Saturday 9th 

April: Saturday 27th

Next ☾ 4 evenings (7-10pm) screenprinting classes are on Mondays or Tuesdays:

check booking site for availability 
January 2024:

Tuesdays: 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th (full)


Tuesdays: 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th (full)


Tuesdays: 5th,12th,19th, 26th (full)

 2 weeks= Monday 15th/Tuesday 16th & Monday 22nd/Tuesday 23rd


Tuesdays: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

If the course is fully booked please add yourself to WAITING LIST (green button)-

*We advise pregnant women not to undertake these courses.


  • Because the groups are so small, We can no longer offer refunds, only transfer to another day:

☞ 7 DAYS CANCELLATION POLICY APPLIES*- (No course transfer option if cancelled in the 7 days prior to course starting unless someone replaces you) 

  • *For GROUP bookings, please allow an extra week notice per person. (2 people=14days, 3 people=21 days).
  • If cancelled in advance You can only re-schedule your course ONCE within a 6 month period, after that you will have to pay again. 
  • If cancelled too late (under 7 days) you can only re-schedule if your space is filled.
  • Gift Vouchers expire within 6 months of issue.
  • If you can't make a session we can re-schedule at a cost.


Masterclasses 2024

MONOPRINT class with AN GEE CHAN Friday 9th of February 6:30 - 9:30pm

Digital Preparation for Screen Printing workshop Saturday 10th of January AM or PM

Basic digital processing for Screen Printing 

This is a beginner’s workshop for those who would like to further explore the possibilities of creating images for their screen printing projects using digital means. 

The workshop explains and introduces the principles and concept of the screen printing process and what should be considered when processing drawings, sketches, photographs or worked digital files to make suitable for screen printing; basic editing and rendering using Photoshop program will be looked at and discussed, as well as various tools and settings within the program that are relevant to the screen printer. 

Participants will gain a basic understanding of how to use Photoshop to develop images into layers for screen printing. Resolution, over lapping and trapping, scan settings etc, Participants are welcome to bring along their drawings or images that they desire to develop and discuss their projects at the workshop.
Bring lots of questions related your own practice to get the best out of this workshop. Students can also bring an image they would like to process that we can look at during the workshop. This course uses Adobe Photoshop software; a basic understanding of Photoshop is recommended.

Advanced digital processing for Screen Printing 

This workshop aims to enable participants to clearly understand the principles of how to digitally prepare files for film positive output for screen printing. This workshop will look at in-depth digital techniques related to digitally processing for all types of screen printing. 

The workshop introduces various digital preparation methods for images intended as screen prints.

You will learn to, process and render photographic images into halftone dots for continuous-tone images, various methods to divide images into individual layers to separate colour in screen printing. Resolution, trapping, Gradients, overlapping layers, registration marks, bitmapping and CMYK are covered in this workshop.
The techniques introduced in this course are versatile and can also be applied to other printmaking disciplines such as photo-etching, lithograph and risograph.
This course uses Adobe Photoshop software; a basic understanding of Photoshop is recommended.

Rory's Masterclass in Editioning - Technical Problem Solving-Thursday, 8 February '24   7pm – 9pm